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Out now! A Fish Growing Lungs by Alysia Sawchyn

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a fish growing lungs

Alysia Sawchyn’s debut book of essays, A Fish Growing Lungs, is available now from Burrow Press!

“At age 18 Alysia Sawchyn was diagnosed with bipolar I. Seven years later she learned she had been misdiagnosed. A Fish Growing Lungs takes the form of linked essays that reflect on Sawchyn’s diagnosis and its unraveling, the process of withdrawal and recovery, and the search for identity as she emerges from a difficult past into a cautiously hopeful present.”

If it’s stll Wednesday afternoon when you read this, there may still be time to register for Alysia’s online book launch (7pm Eastern) via Zoom.

Issue 19 of The Common out today!

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The Common is one of the best-looking (and just plain best) journals out there. You can browse the new issue (including a portfolio of Sudanese fiction and art, “essays on brothers and murder trials, fiction about gender roles, bomb shelters, and life inside a correctional facility, and poems by Don Share, John Freeman, Tara Skurtu, and more,”) for free online or order your own copy to enjoy.