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Gabe Bump’s Book Deal of the Day at Publisher’s Marketplace!

Disquiet Program Assistant Gabe Bump’s brilliant and important novel goes big. Deal of the day at Publisher’s Marketplace…


Fiction: Debut:

University of Massachusetts-Amherst MFA graduate Gabriel Bump’s EVERYWHERE YOU DON’T BELONG, following a young black man who comes of age in South Shore, Chicago, where he navigates abandonment, police brutality, riots, teenage love, and familial obligations, and finds himself stuck in a constant search for a place to belong, pitched in the vein of Justin Torres, Junot Diaz and Paul Beatty, to Kathy Pories at Algonquin, in a six-figure deal, in a pre-empt, in a two-book deal, by Alexa Stark at Trident Media Group (World)

Three-time Disquieter Lara Gularte’s new book!

Congratulations, Lara Gularte, on KISSING THE BEE!!

“Poetry. California Interest. Azorean culture. Lusophone Diaspora. KISSING THE BEE is Lara Gularte’s first and long overdue collection of poetry to be published in a standard edition. To gain access to the significance of her poetry requires an understanding of the poet’s cultural heritage out of whose true diaspora of Portuguese and Lusophone speaking people molded her perception as a poet. Born in 1947 in San Jose, California where she grew up, her family came from the Azore Islands to look for gold in California during the 1800s and 1900s. Failing to find gold and “strike it rich,” her family turned to ranching to make a living. Her great, grandmother Maria Cabral-Neves, came to Fort Jones, California as a mail-order bride during this period, and today her homestead, remains a local landmark. Lara has memories as a young girl of her great grandmother telling her stories about the old country. As an adult she became curious about her heritage and explored family history. In so doing, she used the writing of poetry as a means to express what she learned about her family and culture.”

Pick up a copy!