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In Spite of All : A Memoir of Albert de Lacerda

DISQUIET is dedicated to the poet Alberto de Lacerda and wouldn’t be possible without Luís Amorim de Sousa. Now we have one of Luís’ memoirs about Alberto in English, In Spite of All, which chronicles the aftermath of Alberto’s death while saying so much about his life. Free shipping from England, too!

“Hidden Lisbon”

Meanwhile, tourists still waylaid by fado: “It felt like we had been part of something secret, something special.” Read more here.

“Portugal is shaking up the wine world”

“Wines from Portugal’s Douro Valley claimed three of the top four places in Wine Spectator’s 2014 top 100 ranking — including the No. 1 spot awarded to Dow’s 2011 Vintage Port.” Read more in USA Today here!