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Walking Tour of Lisbon’s Painful Legacy of Slavery

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“‘[This is] the other side of Portugal that isn’t well-known—the African side of it,’ Gaglo says. ‘In Europe, slavery is not taught the way it should be. I’m just trying to uncover what the secrets are and educate people about an important part of the history.'” Naky Gaglo’s tour also highlights Lisbon’s current African communities. Read more at Atlas Obscura.

Gabe Bump’s Book Deal of the Day at Publisher’s Marketplace!

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Disquiet Program Assistant Gabe Bump’s brilliant and important novel goes big. Deal of the day at Publisher’s Marketplace…


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University of Massachusetts-Amherst MFA graduate Gabriel Bump’s EVERYWHERE YOU DON’T BELONG, following a young black man who comes of age in South Shore, Chicago, where he navigates abandonment, police brutality, riots, teenage love, and familial obligations, and finds himself stuck in a constant search for a place to belong, pitched in the vein of Justin Torres, Junot Diaz and Paul Beatty, to Kathy Pories at Algonquin, in a six-figure deal, in a pre-empt, in a two-book deal, by Alexa Stark at Trident Media Group (World)