Where to Stay

Lisbon presents a wide range of housing options, and with a little online digging you’ll be sure to find a place. In addition to hotels and apartment rentals, many Lisbon hostels are great deal and should be seriously considered. Whatever option you choose, you’ll want to book early because the program runs during high season.

If, on the other hand, you’d like us to arrange your housing for you, that can be indicated on the application form under the “housing” section of the “preferences” page. While space is limited, we can sometimes offer shared accommodations in a nearby hostel (~$30-50/night). For more information, email disquietinternational@gmail.com

Here’s some links to get your search started:

Lisbon Poets Inn: Close to DISQUIET and good reviews from past participants.

HostelWorld: This hostel booking agency allows you to check a hostel’s user-generated rating and to make reservations. We recommend our friends at The Living Lounge. It’s a great space in the perfect location and the nightly dinners are a highlight of every trip.

AirBnB: This website allows individuals to rent either rooms or whole apartments from “hosts” who make their homes available. A great place for self-sufficient types who like a deal.

TravellingTolisbon: Another site for short-term apartment rentals with user reviews.