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Saramago in the Paris Review

Throwback: the 1997 Paris Review interview with José Saramago. “It is not exactly missing or not missing Lisbon. If indeed missing, as the poet said, is that sentiment—that chilling of the spine—then the truth is that I do not feel that chilling of the spine. … the sensation I have in Lisbon now is that I don’t know where to go anymore—I don’t know how to be in Lisbon anymore.”

June 7 in New Bedford: A Night of Fado!

A Night of Fado

with Tania DaSilva, Jeremias Macedo and musicians Jose Silva and Veriato Ferreira 

Tuesday, June 7th at 7pm

3rd floor meeting room of the Main Library

613 Pleasant Street

New Bedford

Free and open to the public.  Any questions, please contact the library at 508-961-3044