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The 2018 DISQUIET Literary Prize and Fellowship Winners

DISQUIET International is happy to announce the winners in each genre, including one grand prize winner, for our 2018 Literary Prize, in partnership with GrantaNinth Letter, and The Common. A big thank you to all those who entered!

NON-FICTION WINNER: “The Wrack Line” by Mary Birnbaum

(will receive free tuition for the 2018 Disquiet Program, as well as publication on


“My Mother, Helen Frankenthaler, and the Properties of Art” by Sarah Van Arsdale:
“Thinking about the Process of Leaving the Body” by Sarah Cheshire
“Inappropriate” by Molly Giles
“Truth and the Rhinoceros” by R.D. Thomas

POETRY WINNER: “Offstage, Christ” by Kristina Faust

(will receive free tuition for the 2018 Disquiet Program as well as publication in The Common)


Alycia Pirmohamed
Maghread Medbh
Maggie Millner
Susan Nguyen
Scott Withiam
FICTION and GRAND PRIZE WINNER: “Prologue,” a novel excerpt by Samsun Knight

(will receive free tuition, airfare and accommodation for the 2018 Disquiet Program, as well as publication on

FINALISTS IN FICTION:“The Mother Horde” by Emma Bogdonoff
“Vigilância” by Casey Walker
“Primitive” by Emily Pease
“Ginny” by Stacy Skolnik
“Ro-see-oh” by Anessa Ibrahim

Luso-American FLAD Fellowship Winners

With special thanks to our partner Fundação Luso-Americana, Disquiet is is proud to offer four fellowships to writers of Luso descent. All winners will receive free airfare, accommodation, and tuition for the 2018 Disquiet program in Lisbon. 

WINNER: Shauna Barbosa

WINNER: George Makana Clark

WINNER: Jennifer Jean

WINNER: Bruna Dantas Lobato

Luso-American FLAD Fellowship Finalists

Zabe Bent
John Colasacco
Sharon Coleman
Ananda Lima
Kathy Martinez
Carlo Matos
Paula Neves
Fabia Oliveira
Sean Rocha
Analeah Rosen