Past Winners & Finalists

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International Literature Award Winner 2012 (selected by Colson Whitehead):

“American Nurse” by Kaitlin Solimine

ILA 2013 Finalists:

  • “The Mad Gasser of Mattoon” by Brendan Bowles
  • “Man Smart / Woman Smarter” by David Garvin
  • “Gold” by Lindsay Merbaum
  • “Spirit of Gravity” by Jim Ruland
  • “The Fragrant Smoke of Aspand Seeds” by J. Kevin Shushtari
  • “Do You Realize?” by Tess Wheelwright
  • “Pilgrims to a Vanishing River” by Sarah Wetzel
  • “Monumental” by Monika Zobel

 Luso-American Scholarship Winners:

  • Sarah Chaves
  • Jarita Davis
  • Megan Fernandes

Congratulations to all our scholarship winners and the contest winners and finalists!