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Disquiet 2018 events and activites coming soon. In the meantime, here’s some of the highlights from DISQUIET 2017:

Editing Fiction and Nonfiction: Radical Revisions
with Maaza Mengiste

This is a course about the most important, the most tedious and the most frightening part of the writing process: revision. People will tell you that revision is where the real writing happens. But we don’t often know how to find the most effective tools that work specifically for us. It’s natural to do what’s safe in our work, but how do you make that leap from creative development to radical revision without upending some of your own comfortable processes? How do you take what you’ve done and find your way back to that moment of elated inspiration?
Some of us imagine revision as a series of pleasant patchwork steps: fixing one part, then moving to the other, then patching up another small section. If you’ve brought something to work on for this revision course, then I have to assume that it’s not working. So in this class, I want to push you all towards terrifying acts of revision. That beautiful paragraph that you know you’ve written your ass off to create? If the story’s not working, that paragraph’s not working. I could tell you we’ll be working under the influence of Woolf or Wharton or Tolstoy, but really, we’ll be working under the influence of a blow torch. I’m here to push and to encourage, and to offer you advice that has worked for several other writers, and for me. I’m not sure this is going to be easy, but I do think it will be fruitful. It will give you the tools to go off on your own and write the story that you were meant to write.

For this class, please bring your most troubling scene and a streak of rebellion. No computers–paper and pen only, please.

The 75-minute seminar will run three times during the conference with a minimum of five participants and a maximum of fifteen.  Fiction and non-nonfiction.


Editing Poetry: The Successful Magazine Submission with John Hennessy

Drawing on his experience from both sides of the submission process, poet and poetry editor for The Common John Hennessy will help participants in this seminar prepare their work for magazine publication. We’ll discuss editing individual poems, selecting the best combination of poems to make up the submission, choosing the appropriate venues for your work, writing the cover letter, and a few poor decisions to avoid.  Participants are invited to send a selection of 3-6 poems (to a maximum of 8 pages) ahead of the seminar so that we can use our meeting time to help each member of the group polish a selection of poems to send to editors.

This 75-minute seminar will be offered three times during the conference with a minimum of three participants and a maximum of eight. Anyone with an interest in poetry and magazine publication will be well served here.


Miradouro Meetups

Lisboa is a city of great views, and there are several stunning lookout points from which to take in the red rooftops, blue water, and seven hills of the city. As part of the “Miradouro Meetups,” Disquiet Staff will be arranging informal hangouts at various picturesque locales.


Participant Open Mic

Read your work in one of Lisbon’s oldest and most prestigious literary clubs, the Grémio Literário, which looks out over the gardens, the river Tagus and the famous Castle. Always a highlight!


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