Other Events & Activities

Here’s some of the activities planned for 2018’s Program:


Editing Towards the Inevitable:  Practices for Revision with Annie Liontas

How can we arrive at a story’s perfect, inevitable expression?  We can’t, but we write and re-write, hoping to get to that ever-elusive raison:  we claim it, we let it claim us, and then we curate the work to allow for little else.  Following in the tradition of Ernest Hemingway, this seminar introduces participants to a methodology for revision that allows for critical application of edits.  Think of us as mechanics getting under the hood, trying to get this thing to run.

The minimalist approaches introduced here are informed by the The National Writing Project, as well as by the wisdom and guidance of master practitioners such as George Saunders, Sinead Moriarty, Carlo Gebler, Joseph Heller, Babel, and Toni Morrison.  Registered participants are asked to bring in two printed copies of 7-10 pages—a story, a narrative essay, a chapter from a novel—that have been cold for at least three weeks (i.e. haven’t touched it since).  We’ll move from the global to the local, we’ll look at tendencies and blind spots, and we’ll explore ways to subvert ourselves on the page.


Submitting Poetry: First Looks and Some Practical Advice with Elizabeth Hodges

This is not a poetry workshop. Drawing on her experience from both sides of the submission process, poet and editor/publisher of St. Petersburg Review (www.stpetersburgreview.com) and Springhouse Journal (www.springhousejournal.com) Elizabeth Hodges will help participants review selected work for more successful magazine submissions. Discussion will include formatting and/or editing individual poems, choosing venues, and selecting poems for submission. Individual attention includes a first look and feedback by Hodges as if she received the work as an editor. Participants are invited to send a selection of three of their best unpublished poems (maximum five pages) ahead of the seminar, marking the poem they want considered for “first look.”

This 75-minute seminar will be offered three times during the conference with a minimum of
three and a maximum of five people to provide time for individuals feedback.


Berardo Collection Tour with Cyriaco Lopes

Everyone is welcome on this tour of the Berado Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art with visual artist Cyriaco Lopes, conducted as part of the Fernando Pessoa Game workshop co-taught by Lopes and poet Terri Witek. The conversation will focus specifically on the ways in which the visual arts articulate language. From the inheritance of the Modernist avant-garde to the many influences of cinema and advertisement, the visual arts has been one of the most exciting sites of experimentation for writing, producing work that is both intellectually and emotionally compelling.

Participants do not need to be signed up for The Fernando Pessoa Game to join the tour!


Pessoa Walk with Jensen Beach

Early in its pages, Fernando Pessoa writes that the Book of Disquiet is “the autobiography of someone who never existed.” While Pessoa’s obsession with identities, from the hollow to the manifest, is clear throughout, what is also striking is the attention he pays to the physical spaces, namely the city itself, in the Book of Disquiet, that do very much indeed exist. The Pessoa walks will bring us out into some of those spaces, both occupied by Pessoa himself and his heteronyms. Bring walking shoes, a hat, water, and sunscreen, and join us as we explore Pessoa’s Lisbon, stopping along to way to read from and discuss his work.


Miradouro Meetups

Lisboa is a city of great views, and there are several stunning lookout points from which to take in the red rooftops, blue water, and seven hills of the city. As part of the “Miradouro Meetups,” Disquiet Staff will be arranging informal hangouts at various picturesque locales.


Participant Open Mic

Read your work in one of Lisbon’s oldest and most prestigious literary clubs, the Grémio Literário, which looks out over the gardens, the river Tagus and the famous Castle. Always a highlight!