Patrícia Portela

Portuguese Guest

Patrícia Portela studied set and costume design, sound design, scriptwriting and documentary in Lisbon, at the European Film College in Denmark, and elsewhere. She has written and coordinated several performances including Operação Cardume Rosa, T5, Lan Tao, and Wasteband. She has also published four books, including Odilia (2007) and Para Cima e Não Para Norte (2008). A September 2010 piece, The Private Collection of Acácio Nobre, is also forthcoming as a book. Portela’s work has won numerous awards, including the Prize Acarte/Madalena Azeredo Perdigão for Flatland I, a giant multimedia book. Her Flatland Trilogy won a special mention from the association of Portuguese critics for its dramaturgy, text, and use of space. In 2009 she received funding from the Ministry of Culture to develop her research on trans-disciplinary projects under the auspices of the Prado production house.

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