José Luís Peixoto

Portuguese Guest

José Luís Peixoto is one of Portugal’s most acclaimed and bestselling young novelists. He was born in 1974 in Galveias, in the region of Alentejo (Portugal). Has studied Modern languages and literatures in Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Since 2000, Peixoto has published ten titles (4 novels, 3 fiction books and 3 poetry collections). He is three-times a winner of the Jovens Criadores Prize. His first novel “Nenhum Olhar” (published as “Blank Gaze” in the UK by Bloomsbury and as “The Implacable Order of Things” in the USA by Doubleday/Anchor/Random House) was shortlisted in all major literary awards in Portugal and won the Jose Saramago Literary Award, delivered every two years for the best novel written in all portuguese-speaking countries. ‘Nenhum Olhar’ (‘Blank Gaze’) was selected by Financial Times as one of their best books of 2007. In the USA, it was part of ‘Discover Great new writer’ selection by Barnes & Noble. In Portugal, it was selected by Expresso as one of their best books of the decade. Peixoto’s first fiction, ‘Morreste-me’ (published in the UK as ‘You died on me’, Warwick Review, 2010) was selected by Visão as one of their best books of the decade. In 2003, he wrote the short-story collection ‘Antidote’ in a joint project with the heavy metal band Moonspell, which brought in new readers all around the world. In 2007, his novel ‘Cemitério de Pianos’ (published as ‘The Piano Cemetery’ in the UK) won the Calamo Award for the best translated novel published in Spain. In 2008, he received the Daniel Faria Poetry Award. Peixoto’s poetry and short-stories have appeared in a great number of anthologies on dozens of languages. All his novels have been internationally acclaimed and so, far, have been translated in 20 languages.

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