Luísa Costa Gomes

Portuguese Guest

Born June 1954 in Lisbon, Luísa Costa Gomes has published six novels, five collections of short stories, and two librettos, including the libretto for the opera White Raven by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson, performed in Lisbon, at Teatro Camões in 1998 and at the Teatro Real de Madrid. She has written eleven plays and worked closely with directors such as Ana Tamen, Ricardo Pais, Nuno Carinhas, António Pires on dramaturgy and staging. She has also written books for children. Awards include the 2010 Pen Club Portugal for best novel with Ilusão (Illusion); 2010 Fernando Namora Prize for Best Portuguese Novel for the novel Ilusão; Prize Camilo Castelo Branco, for a short story collection, Contos Outra Vez (Twice Told Tales) in 1998, the Eça de Queirós Award for the book of plays Ubardo and My Australia in 1995, and the D. Dinas Foundation Award for the epistolary novel O pequeno mundo (“Small world”) in 1990. She has been a reisdent artist at Ledig House, Hudson Valley, New York; Bellagio Rockefeller Center at Lake Como, Italy; Bogliasco Foundation, and Château de Lavigny in  Lausanne, Switzerland.