Interested in Fulbright?

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Disquiet alum, Phillip Wenturine, has been enjoying a year living, writing, and teaching all over Portugal through the US Fulbright Program. This program, sponsored by the US Department of State, allows college graduates to work and research abroad as cultural ambassadors to the United States. The goal is to foster a mutual understanding between the US and other countries. That being said, it is also a two-way street! Phillip has been working with his students all year to learn English, and one of them was just selected to attend a Fulbright summer seminar on leadership in Washington D.C. and South Carolina this summer! He said his student is “Excited to practice his English skills in an immersive environment, experience how diverse America is, and try Chipotle for the first time.” He says his student never thought he would get such an opportunity, and he couldn’t be more proud as a teacher. Below are the links to both the US Fulbright end for those interested in Fulbright Portugal, or any other country, or for those in Portugal wishing to go to the United States. Phillip says it could really change your life!


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