DISQUIET Açores Residency

DISQUIET is pleased to announce our first Residency in Ponta Delgada on the island of São Miguel in the Açores, July 8-15, 2017





For years now, alumni of the program have been telling us that they leave Lisbon so charged up that it’s a shame they couldn’t just go somewhere to write for a week, activating all the inspiration from Lisbon and writerly community at the DISQUIET program and critique gleaned from workshops. This year we’ve come up with a plan to offer just that at a brand new post-program DISQUIET Residency in Ponta Delgada on the island of São Miguel in the Açores. You may think of the DISQUIET Lisbon program as culture and adventure and the DISQUIET Residencies as escape and craft.

The DISQUIET Residencies are just that: time spent writing with a group of dedicated writers. Residencies are informal but participants should expect scheduled writing time, either in your room or in a reserved space overlooking the Jardim José do Canto, a nearby 7-hectare botanical garden. All participants are welcome to attend all scheduled writing sessions or may pick and choose and find their own places/times to write. In the evening participants may choose to gather and read from work in progress with discussion to follow. Several evenings the group will be joined by local Azorean writers, and several informal and optional day trips will be planned to explore the area and environs. While known for its stunning volcanic landscape, São Miguel has also given rise to important Portuguese writers including the 19th-century poet Antero de Quental, activist writer Natália Correia, and contemporary novelist João de Melo. The city of Ponta Delgada is a cultural hub featuring the University of the Azores, regional archives, museums, theaters, and Portugal’s oldest post-Inquisition synagogue, which has recently been restored.

Residents will stay at the Hotel do Colégio, a centrally-located hotel in a former music school, close to the marina, with singles available at a special DISQUIET rate of 60€/night and doubles available at 70€/night (both excellent value for high season). All rooms have wifi, a writing desk, a private bathroom, and include breakfast.

This year’s residency will be accompanied by poet, essayist, and fiction writer faculty member Jeffery Renard Allen.

Key Dates: July 8 – 15, 2017



Sample Schedule

The following is a tentative schedule to give residents an idea of what to expect. Note that each day involves community breakfast followed by dedicated writing time, which is a chance to come together as a group and write–on our own, but together. It means not being left to go on Facebook or read Pessoa and sleep in. Of course, if you’d rather write in your room and from your bed, that’s fine too! Dedicated writing time is just about giving you the time and space to write, however and wherever you prefer.

  • Saturday, July 8: arrive, informal dinner + reception
  • Sunday, July 9: breakfast, dedicated writing time, evening reading with Jeffery Renard Allen
  • Monday, July 10: breakfast, dedicated writing time, optional excursion (e.g. geothermal pools)
  • Tuesday, July 11: breakfast, dedicated writing time, evening reading with 2-3 residents + local author
  • Wednesday, July 12: breakfast, dedicated writing time, optional excursion (e.g. hiking)
  • Thursday, July 13: breakfast, dedicated writing time, evening reading with 2-3 remaining residents + local author
  • Friday, July 14: breakfast, dedicated writing time, farewell dinner
  • Saturday, July 15: breakfast, depart




Flight: Many round trip flights from Lisbon to Sao Miguel can be had for less than $150USD

Accoms: Accommodations have been arranged at the Hotel do Colégio at a special DISQUIET rate of 60€/night and 70€ for a double room (excellent value for high season). Both include breakfast.

DISQUIET Residency Program fee: $500


To Apply

At the present time DISQUIET residencies are only open to current and past DISQUIET Lisbon participants, and the Ponta Delgada residency is limited to 7 participants.
To apply, contact Brendan Bowles at disquietilp@gmail.com with the subject line, “Residency”




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